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Corymbia has been designed to be as environmentally passive as possible both in summer and winter.  The passive design and thermal efficient nature of mud-brick construction keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

During the hotter months, the positioning of the windows and the pitch and positioning of the eaves minimises the amount of sunlight entering the house.  In contrast, during winter, the sun reaches eight metres into the back of the house, warming the thermal mass of the brick floor. As the ambient temperature falls during the night, the heat from the bricks is released into the house and this, in conjunction with the open fireplace, maximises warmth.

An external vent feeds directly into the fireplace, which in turn feeds the fire and minimises the back draft  (something which occurs with most fireplaces when warm air is drawn from the room).

The windows are positioned so that irrespective of the direction of the breeze, there will always be cross ventilation.

When staying for longer periods, the home-made solar water panel can be pulled out from under the eaves providing more than sufficient hot water and greatly reducing the power consumption of the house. You can rest assured, however, that the three tremendous solar panels situated on the property will provide adequate power.

Corymbia can accommodate four adults and a child but its open-plan design is particularly suited to a family or couple.  Floor to ceiling glass reveals views from all rooms. The nickel coated kitchen cupboards, doors, sculptures and bronze table are finished with Axolotl Metals and a range of Anomaly furniture decorates the house. Cypress pine and turpentine timbers have been used throughout for their termite resistant qualities. Deck areas invite guests to enjoy meals or relax under spreading gum trees observing the native wildlife.

The lack of TV reception in this part of the region is seen as a bonus for those who wish to retreat into the quiet of rural living (however, the house is equipped with a DVD and Bose Dock).